Gimme the elevator pitch

Science at the Local is just what it sounds like. Locals, coming together at a … local venue, to talk SCIENCE!

Actually we do get some out of towners in too, they’re generally the scientists. But they’re very welcome and so are you.

Legend has it that lower mountains locals Kevin and Hamish came up with the idea while shooting hoops one day.

Kevin and Hamish

They knew they were onto a winner, and so did Winmalee and Springwood Neighbourhood Centres.

With the kind support of the Centres, Science at the Local held its first event in November 2014 at Springwood Sports Club aka The Bowlo. It’s been our happy home ever since.

The Neighbourhood Centres wheeled and dealed, securing sponsorship from Westpac for our 2015 program.

And in 2016, we have the backing of a powerful state, namely the Australian Federal Government, through the Inspiring Australia regional grants.


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