Oh yes, we podcast

In 2016 we launched the S@tL Podcast. We chat with real live scientists about the work they do, how they got into it and whatever else takes our fancy.

The podcast has a few flavours actually. Sometimes you can catch Kevin and I yakking it up and there are a couple of prototypes of Le Science Show, a blatant rip-off of Harry Shearer’s Le Show, which combines news, satire and music.

You can download or stream all our episodes at our Soundcloud page, or search for “Science at the Local” at the iTunes store. But don’t rate them – iTunes is getting you to do free work for them and you need to stop that now!


Show notes – S03E05 Desi Quintans


Show notes – S03E04 Julia Ryeland

  • Julia’s personal web presence
  • EmuSat, a data recording app where citizens and volunteers can record sightings of emus, chicks, nests and found feathers.
  • Julia’s page at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment


Show notes – S03E03 Gareth Denyer

  • Gareth’s institutional homepage at Sydney Uni
  • arXiv, the open source pre-publication scientific research repository
  • All the kerfuffle about Alpha Zero chess learner and player extraordinaire (of course posted to and hosted at arXiv)
  • Great presentation from open data thought leader Cameron Neylon
  • Global obesity trends at that bastion of ye olde publishing, the Lancet


Show notes – S03E02 Chris Davis


Show notes – S03E01 Johann Hari


Show notes – S02E07 Peter Rohde


Show notes – S02E06 Ollie Jay


Show notes – S02E05 Ana Vila Concejo


Show notes – S02E04 Hamish & Kevin Remain On Edge

  • See S02E03


Show notes – S02E03 Hamish & Kevin On Edge


Show notes – S02E02 Le Science Show Again

  • See S02E01


Show notes – S02E01 Le Science Show

  • No notes tbh. Nothing can prepare you for Le Science Show.


Show notes – S01E09 John Lesku

Show notes – S01E08 Paul Young

Show notes – S01E07 Shari Forbes

Show notes – S01E06 Alice Williamson

Show notes – S01E05 Michaela Blyton

Show notes – S01E04 Aaron Greenville

Show notes – S01E03 René Heller

Show notes – S01E02 David Blair

N.b for the sticklers, S01E01 is Hamish and Kevin struggling to fill space. No show notes required. For the die hards only.


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