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2019 Program

Regular Program

Springwood Sports Club, 2:30pm-4pm

March 17 – Sandra Garrido on Music & Dementia and Edward Holmes on the Evolving Virosphere

May 19 – Kellie Leigh on Koalas in the Blue Mountains and Gavin Brennen on Gravity

July 28 – Belinda Medlyn on Tree Mortality, Drought & Climate Change and Patrick Smith on Fossils from the Red Centre

September 15 – Maiken Ueland on Forensic Science and Peter Lewis on Nursing Research

November 24 – Yann Quide on Epigenetics & Trauma and Peter Rohde on Quantum Physics


Special Program

Lithgow Workers Club, 2:30pm-4pm

June 30 – Peter Smith on Tales of a Travelling Ecology Consultant and TBA

November 3 – Andrew Holmes on Your Poo & You and Iain McGregor on Medical Marijuana


2018 Program

March 11 – Graham Mann on Cancer and Paola Escudero on Infant Speech Perception

May 20 – Peter Ferris on Mythbusting the NBN and Angela Crean on Inherting Dad’s Diet

July 29 – Jill Newby on Treating Anxiety & Depression with Technology Yann Quide on Epigenetics and Trauma

September 16 – Andrew Dempster on Off Earth Mining and Tibor Molnar on Philosophy and Science

November 11 – Andrew Barron on Modelling the Bee Brain and Greg Bourke on Carnivorous Plants


2017 Program

March 12 – Louise Tosetto on Microplastics and Maria Said on Food Allergies

May 21 – Merlin Crossley on Modern Gene Technology and Jack Umenberger on Artificial Intelligene and Drones

July 23 – Tim Low on Birds and his new book Where Song Began

September 17 – Alessandro Tuniz on the Physics of Invisibility and Bianca Lee on Online Gaming

November 12 – Aaron Greenville on Desert Ecology and Kerryn Wilmot on Urban Heat & Design


2016 Program

March 13 – Rob Wittenmyer on Exoplanets and Geraint Lewis on the Finely Tuned Cosmos

May 15 – Liz New on Antioxidants & Chemistry and Michael Gillings on Evolution of Gut Bacteria

July 24 – Luke Hesson on Zombie Science + Kerri Melehan on the Science of Sleep

September 18 – Aditya Ghose on Computer Science + Randell Heyman on Medical Maths

November 13 – Eva Jackson on Sexual Health + Kristen Mann on Archaeology in the 21st Century


2015 Program

March 8 – John Siemon on Seedbanking, Peter Rohde on Quantum Computing

May 17 – Scott Mooney on Paleo Fires, Matthias Boer on Bushfires and Climate Change

July 19 – Shari Forbes on Forensic Science, Ray Norris on Aboriginal Astronomy

September 13 – Jocelyn Brewer on Screentime Psychology, Akos Lumnitzer on Wildlife Photography

November 8 – Iain McGregor on the Psychopharmacology of Marijuana


2014 Program

November 16 – Gareth Denyer on Molecular Biology of Obesity, Andrew Holmes on Gut Microbes and Obesity, Dale Hancock on Genetics of Obesity

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