2017 Program

March 12 – Louise Tosetto on Microplastics and Maria Said on Food Allergies

May 21 – Merlin Crossley on Modern Gene Technology and Jack Umenberger on Artificial Intelligene and Drones

July 23 – Tim Low on Birds and his new book Where Song Began

September 17 – Alessandro Tuniz on the Physics of Invisibility and Bianca Lee on Online Gaming

November 12 – Aaron Greenville on Desert Ecology and Kerryn Wilmot on Urban Heat & Design

All events are Sunday afternoon from 2:30 to 4

Events on March 12, May 21 and July 23 are at Springwood Country Club at 84 Hawkesbury Rd Springwood.

We anticipate the September 17 and November 12 events to be at Springwood Sports Club, which is at 83 Macquarie Rd Springwood. To be confirmed pending their mega-renovation!

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